Project Northwest by C. B. Carter

Project Northwest

About this Book.

  • Title: Project Northwest
  • Author: C. B. Carter
  • Editorial: James Literay Services
  • Language: English
  • Page Number: 211
  • Formats: PDF and HTML

OTS agent, James Spain, is having a bad week. He's been tortured into agreeing to rob a bank of its 'numbers', not its money, by a man James knows only as Mr. Wright. His home and office are bugged, but he manages to gain assistance from a former college friend, Mark DeSantis, who is a private detective. Mark uses his computer science skills to turn the tables on Mr. Wright's operation, only to be caught in the act. Will Mr. Wright become a victim of his own greed and those of his compatriots, or will James save his neck by delivering the bank's internal numbers to its competitor?