Crimson's Captivation

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Crimson's Captivation is an erotic, explicit fairytale, set during the Great Northern War (1700-1721) between Sweden and the alliance of Denmark-Poland-Russia. Princess Crimson, from Sweden, is kidnapped and forced into the concubine trade run by a vampire named Kieran, then sold to Tor of Russia. Crimson's lover, Viktor, confronts a captured vampire about Crimson's whereabouts, only to learn that she is now a captive in Poland. Viktor leaves on an epic quest to rescue his love. Meanwhile, Crimson's new life exposes her to sexual desires and practices she has never dreamed of. Will Viktor find Crimson before she is lost in the world of erotic desires? Or will he be too late to rescue her from a fate that women of royalty fantasize about in the parlors and salons?

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Crimsons Captivation by C. B. Carter

Project Northwest

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OTS agent, James Spain, is having a bad week. He's been tortured into agreeing to rob a bank of its 'numbers', not its money, by a man James knows only as Mr. Wright. His home and office are bugged, but he manages to gain assistance from a former college friend, Mark DeSantis, who is a private detective. Mark uses his computer science skills to turn the tables on Mr. Wright's operation, only to be caught in the act. Will Mr. Wright become a victim of his own greed and those of his compatriots, or will James save his neck by delivering the bank's internal numbers to its competitor?

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Project Northwest by C. B. Carter

Chaos Theorem

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"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." - Heraclitus (Greek philosopher of the 5th-6th centuries B.C.) Chaos Theorem is set in the future and follows the Director of the House Committee of CIS Administration, Senator Abja Monis. Dr. Joseph Mark DeSantis, a troubled mathematician and the stylist of the Chaos Theorem, and Caroline Brown, a government geneticist battle Senator Monis in a game of haves and have nots. The characters struggle, have plans and dreams like we all do and strive to fulfill them with actions and re-actions, but time and its hidden companion, teaches them a lesson - only one thing continues on forever, only one thing continues to grow and it battles chaos with each passing second.

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Chaos Theorem by C. B. Carter

Path To KnowWhere

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James is a good kid, but pressure from his peers and the seedy side of life in his hometown lead him down a forest path full of drugs, booze, and other bad things. His mother tries to find him before it is too late. Only through the grace of circumstance does James take his mother's teachings and apply them to turn down a life of ruin.

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Path to KnowWhere by C. B. Carter

The Forbidden Vault: Paranormal Romance Anthology

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Heart racing tales of love, lies, and intrigue. Immerse yourself in this thrilling first volume paranormal romance anthology. C. B. Carter's The Whippoorwill;s Song is included in this anthology.

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The Whippoorwill's Song by C. B. Carter


"Her natural reaction was to get her way and she was wearing her favorite slogan shirt: ‘I’m not bipolar, I’m me-polar.’"
- From Project Northwest

"A diametric existence she fully understood and found was always in need of balance. She often joked that it’s the equivalent of being optimistic and pessimistic at the same time, with optimism slightly in the lead."
- From Chaos Theorem

"Caspian licked his wounds, picked the chard skin from his cheeks and arms. He watched Viktor gallop across the field. He mused aloud and the words seethed off his lips as a noxious whisper, “Mercy is as modesty, in exile, my dear prince."
- From Crimson's Captivation

"True, I am jealous of the suns warmth, of her glow, and it must be equally true, she is jealous of my humanity, my prospect for love. The passion of my nights. For the sun by its mere charisma has never seen the dark of night, whereas, I’ve seen them both, and have loved under the opus of each."
- From The Whippoorwill's Song


Published Author

About C. B. Carter

C.B. Carter is an author of multi genre novels: suspense, historical, erotic, dystopian, and scientific, and is also a poet, short story and article writer. He has been writing seriously for six years and is influenced by the writings of Albert Camus and Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

Carter studied at St. Leo College and the University of Maryland while a USAF non-commissioned officer that included service in Saudi Arabia during Operation Southern Watch. He spent much of his youth with his grandparents, uncle, and aunt near Roanoke, Virginia, where he was exposed to classical music and the great writers of the 50s and 60s.

Carter‘s writing style has been called epic, religious, and intellectual. Chaos Theorem was his first novel. Other novels in order of release, The Whippoorwill’s Song, The Path to KnowWhere, Crimson’s Captivation, and Project Northwest. Books in various publication stages are Seated Beside The Wolf and Moth’s Want For The Flame. Books in progress are The Last Sedition and Animus: An Interview With A Killer.


Crimson's Captivation

"It's hot. Crimson's Captivation reminded me of Rice's Sleeping Beauty." - Sarah J.

"My husband bought Crimson's Captivation for me as a fluke. I jumped him when he came home. Great read. Four out of five stars." - Kristen L.

"Vampires, werewolves, royality and a great historical setting. What is there not to like." - Megan S.

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Project Northwest

"This is a very good read, it reminded me of The Firm. Mr. Carter does very well at getting the characters introduced in the first couple of chapters in the book and by chapter four the story takes off...This book has everything you'd want in a suspense thriller; sex, blackmail, murder, well developed characters and an ending you just don't see coming, it even has a ghost story in the middle, it keeps you guessing to the last sentence." - Ray C.

"Project Northwest weaves an electrifying tale of espionage, sex and murder and is loosely constructed on the downfall of Washington Mutual. A suspense thriller - Project Northwest pulls you into the world of James Spain, an Office of Thrift Supervision Agent, who is blackmailed by a powerful Wall Street bank to steal the largest Thrift Bank in America." - Bill P.

Path To KnowWhere

"Mr. Carter has written a story that all can relate with, drug abuse or not wrong paths can lead to devastating results. Teenagers and adults can both easily understand the underlying suggestions of decisions this story relays. Mr. Carter has hit a home run with this short story of a long ongoing problem in the world. I highly recommend this story for all ages. " - Ray C.

"If you have teenage children and you want to start a discussion about drugs then this book is an excellent conversation starter." - Unknown from Amazon.

"I give it five stars and recommend it to all parents." - Unknown from Amazon

The Whippoorwill's Song

"Carter’s strength as an author is apparent as he delicately and precisely inserts vital details and vivid imagery that awaken the senses, causing the reader to be a part the journey, not merely a spectator. Like 3-D films, The Whippoorwill’s Song draws the reader right into the action." - Todd Rutherford (Amazon &